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Why Buy JENNAIR from Caplan’s?

The Caplan’s Promise

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Essential Partner

Thanks to our partnership at JennAir, you can enjoy a truly unique and personalized live-cooking experience at Cirillo’s Culinary Academy in downtown Toronto.


Great Pricing

Caplan’s famous great deals on JennAir.


Great Service

As a Family Business for over 70 years, we know a thing or two about exceptional service.


No Cancellation Fee

Cancel your JennAir appliance order any time before your delivery and get a full refund of your deposit.


No Re-stocking Fees*

If your unused fridge doesn’t fit, no problem! We will take it back and get one that does.


Discount Extended Warranty

At time of purchase, you can buy an extended warranty for your JennAir appliance and save 25%.


Renovation Delay

Running a little late on your renovation? Don’t worry about your JennAir appliances. Once we have a deposit for your order, you won’t need to take them for 12 months, no additional charges.


Quality Delivery

Take comfort in knowing that our top-notch, experienced delivery teams are accountable to both our customers and our own very high standards.

NEED MORE INFORMATION?       Email:       Phone: 416.767.1655

*Only on products that have been installed and not plugged in.