We offer an extended warranty program to give you options

Once you’ve finally selected the appliances that meet your needs, you’ll be asked by our sales team to purchase an extended warranty on your appliances. You can purchase at the time of sale or within the first year of ownership. The decision to add the extended warranty may be stressful; here’s what you need to know:

Investing in long-term ownership of your kitchen appliances

Extended warranties offer peace of mind that you won’t be on the hook for any costly repairs. Modern-day appliances have new components such as control panels and digital touch screens that, like smart phones and tablets, may not last as long as appliances that didn’t previously have this.

The worry-free extended warranty offers:

  • All service calls, both diagnostic and follow-up appointments
  • All parts needed to fix the appliance(s)
  • Full replacement value for all non-repairable units
  • Preventative maintenance calls (service call to check appliances before extended warranty expires)
  • Caplan’s customer service team to guide you along the service process and book the appointments on your behalf

Want a quote for warranty?

Mallory Cunnington
Warranty Sales Representative

Once a Caplan’s Customer, forever a Caplan’s Customer

Whether you opt into an extended warranty or chose to self-insure, our customer service team is always ready to help by arranging service calls, help navigate complex issues with appliance service or coordinating replacements or exchanges. You can reach our customer service team by email at customerservice@caplans.ca

What service calls look like/what to expect: When your appliance is giving you trouble or not working at all, your first contact is always to Caplan’s so we can guide you. Caplan’s works with many qualified technicians that are trained to work on the brand of your appliance. If you have warranty or an extended warranty plan, there will be no cost for your service call. If you are out-of-warranty, there will be a cost associated with your service visit.

Our customer service team will arrange the soonest appointment for you to have your appliances serviced and let you know when to expect a technician. Often times the technician can make repairs but may be required to order parts followed by a return visit. If your appliance cannot be repaired, it is likely to be exchanged.

Frequently asked questions:

The cost of service is dependent on the repairs or parts needed to fix the machine. Some major repairs, like a control panel replacement may cost more than the warranty. Our warranty program offers competitive pricing that is determined based on the price of an average service call on an appliance. The cost of the warranty is also reflective of the cost to replace the appliance.

The warranty can be added to your order when you purchase the appliances, however; you do have up until 60 days before you hit the one-year anniversary of appliances.

Note: If your appliances come with a two-year warranty, you are still required to opt into the warranty within 30 days of the one year anniversary of your delivery date. The warranty works as a top-up meaning if you have two years standard plus you purchase the extended warranty, your total warranty period from the time of delivery is 6 years.

Most appliance warranties are one year. That warranty starts on the day the appliances are delivered. Even if you haven’t started using them, the warranty is still in place. Some appliance brands will offer a two- or three-year warranty. Check in with your sales associate to see what the warranty is on your appliances.

Other than tax, once you pay for the warranty, you do not have to pay for any of the service visits or parts for the duration of the warranty period.

Exclusions include: Cosmetic (rust, dents, scratches) or regular maintenance such as filter replacements.


Appliances have a lot of parts and if not repaired properly can be a safety hazard! Always hire a professional to do any service or repairs

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